Privacy Policy


We, at Plutoelectronics, are concerned about maintaining your privacy. To ensure that the information provided to us is secured and protected, we have a strong privacy policy which aims to ensure complete privacy.


Aim of The Privacy Policy

The main aim of this privacy policy is to explain how the personal data that is given by you to Plutoelectronics is treated. Personal information includes any and all information that can be personally identified to you, such as your name, email address, residential address or contact number. This includes mostly the information that is not available in the public domain. This policy is not binding to companies that are not under the control of Plutoelectronics but instead this governs the activities of Plutoelectronics itself.

Use of Confidential Information

Plutoelectronics collects the information you provide at the time of registration or while making any inquiries. Any information that you provide may be combined with information received from our business partners.While making an inquiry, you may be asked to furnish some personal information including name and email address which will be stored in our database. Plutoelectronics will collect information regarding any transaction history that has been made to us and also regarding the services of ours that you use.Other information that is stored is the IP address, requested pages and cookie information. This information is stored and used for the benefit of customizing advertising content for you, for improving our services and the fulfillment of requests for services and products. The information you provide can also be used to contact you in the future, help in conducting research and anonymous reporting to other clients.

Disclosure And Sharing of Personal Information

Any personal information provided to Plutoelectronics will not be shared, sold or rented to any other individual or non-affiliated partner for any reason other than to provide services or products that have been requested by you. However, there are a few circumstances in which your information may require to be shared, with your permission of course,including:We provide information to only our trusted partners, who either work with us or on behalf of us, only under some confidentiality agreements. Companies will only utilize this personal data to help us communicate better with you about marketing partners or any new products that we have to offer. Whatever the case, these companies will not have any right to further share the information with anybody.We may use personal information in case we have to respond to any kind of legal proceedings, subpoenas or to defend ourselves against any legal claims.We reserve the right to share any information, if it is essential in the investigation and prevention of any sort of fraud, illegal activities or resolving threats that may threaten the safety of any other individual or may oppose the letter of the law.The information we collect may be transferred to another company, if Plutoelectronics merges with any other company. However, before this takes place, you will be duly informed. Once the information has been transferred, it will be subject to the privacy policy of the merged company.The information you provide may be used to display advertisement targeted accordingly to attract people who comply with the targeting criteria.An advertiser is not provided any of the personal information that is visible to you but if you end up interacting with the advertisement by viewing it or consenting to any information provided, the advertiser can assume that you fulfill the criteria that is used to display the advertisement.

Editing And Deleting Information Options

You can also edit and delete any information present in the products supplied by Plutoelectronics, although password protection is enable don it, so there is more safety from wrongful tampering of your device.

Editing And Deleting Information Options

Security And Confidentiality The personal information you provide will be restricted only to the employees of our company who have significant reason to come in contact with the information. These employees will be the ones who have to provide you with information regarding the services and products or other employees who are needed to view the information as part of their job responsibilities.We provide appropriate procedural, electronic and physical safe guards which comply with the highest federal regulation to prevent your personal information from reaching into the wrong hands. We apply the strictest methods to ensure that your privacy and personal information is protected. Any email addresses provided to the company will be kept in strict confidence and will not be disclosed to any others, so as to prevent you from facing the trouble of spamming and unneeded advertisements at any moment of time.

Privacy Policy Changes

Plutoelectronics may update any part or the complete policy,if felt necessary. Any significant changes that may occur due to this in thehandling of your personal information will be intimated to you by a companysent e-mail mentioned in your account.


If you have questions, suggestions or complaints regardingany of the information mentioned above, please feel free to contact us in anyway possible. We will do our best to placate your problem and come up with areasonable solution.

You can be contacted at: Mob: +91-9051272977.

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